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My love for mojitos runs deep. It was my first legal drink (at Le Plein Soleil, in Paris, France) and no matter what I've ordered or mixed up since, every time I take a sip of a mojito, I'm reminded why I love it so much. I have made this recipe for my parents, mixed it up by a campfire, and served it for movie night. While I could drink this concoction year-round, it always tastes sweeter at the end of a long, hot day. It's the perfect summer drink.

As previously mentioned, I love lime and mint a lot. I'd argue that they are my two favorite flavors. With a mojito made right, you'll get a big kick of both. Being that it is my favorite drink, I don't do twists on it, but rather have perfected the traditional recipe. (My mom has been talking up a pineapple version for over a year, and I just can't pull the trigger on adding something to what is already perfect, in my eyes.)

This cocktail has a reputation for being a little high maintenance, and while it's not as easy as, say, a gin & tonic, it certainly does not have to be difficult. For my recipe, I keep it simple. I use regular sugar in place of simple syrup, unless I've got some free time to stand over a stove making it (which is never). Sure, you probably won't be muddling mint leaves for twenty of your closest friends, but a good mojito is sometimes best enjoyed on the porch with your best friend on a quiet summer night.

(makes one drink)
1 lime
4-5 mint leaves
1 shot white rum
1 tsp. sugar
Tonic water

In a highball glass, muddle mint leaves with sugar. Add ice to glass. Pour in rum and juice of one lime. Fill with tonic water. Stir and enjoy!

Note: Be sure not to crush the mint leaves. Merely press firmly with a muddler (or the blunt end of an ice cream scoop like me!) to release the juices.



Recently, I've been planning some small updates to our bathroom! While every room in the house still needs to be fully decorated (I'm a slow decorator), the bathroom is one place that I can makeover with very little money and effort. We are renting, so while I can't exactly renovate, I have been gathering inspiration and finding ways to infuse the style I love into small changes in the little room. Here are the looks that are inspiring my mini bathroom refresh!

A bathroom should feel clean, first and foremost. What better way than to bring in lots of white? (via gh0stparties)

Warm metals are my favorite, and brass is very of-the-moment. Brushed brass fixtures would be a dream come true. I also love the hit of a dark hue, like navy, among all the white. (via kirsten marie interiors)

Light-colored natural wood makes the white and metals feel a little bit warmer. (via marie claire maison)

And is there anything more lustworthy than white marble? No, there is not. (via house beautiful)

The bathroom is one of the most overlooked rooms, but definitely deserves to shine! As a lady, I know I spend a good amount of time in there.Tell me: what would your dream bathroom look like?



Nordstrom is one of my favorite companies, and since working for and interning with them in college, I've followed the company closely. Nordstrom's home section has always been small but filled with beautiful items for every room in the house. As much as I love the store, I tend to spend a lot more time at Nordstrom Rack where I can score great deals on clothes. So I was ecstatic when I discovered a few days ago that Nordstrom Rack has started carrying home goods! They have some pretty great stuff online, including items from big brands like Jonathan Adler and Illume Candles. Here's a few things I've got my eye on...

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve


HAPPY HOUR // Would you try a session drink?

Recently I came across a post on Cup of Jo (one of my favorite blogs!) all about the world of session drinks. I had seen the word tagged onto the end of beer names on menus, but never really knew what it meant. In the post, they discuss wine spritzers, among the many varieties of session drinks. I was intrigued, so I picked up some white wine and mixed it with some San Pellegrino Limonata and took a sip...



If you're anything like me, you might describe yourself as easily bored. Even if I set something up exactly the way I want it, after some time, I get a little bored. Unfortunately, I don't have the cash to redecorate every time my living room starts to feel stale, so I resort to a lot of other (mostly free!) methods to freshen things up. Since it's the end of the summer, and we still haven't fully decorated our house, the rooms are feeling a little boring, and I've been doing a lot of these little switches to make them feel alive and more enjoyable to be in. Read on for five cheap ways to renew your space...

1. Add a plant. Anytime a room is feeling dull, and I don't have the time or resources to do a big switch, I pick up a small plant to add to the space. Despite the fact that I can't keep a succulent alive, at their low price, they're usually my go to. My current favorites are cacti, snake plants, and aloe vera. Related: 7 ways to decorate with plants, houseplants for low light spaces, living small: buy a plant.

2. Switch pieces between rooms. Depending on the size of your home, swap furniture between rooms to freshen up your space. In a smaller home, you likely don't have a side chair or table to bring in from another room, but you can still switch things up. Swap the smaller items in your home, like table lamps and art instead. This is a free way to really change up the look and feel of a room, and really stretches you to see things in your home differently. 

3. DIY something. Is there any better feeling than looking at something and knowing you made it? If there is a blank space on your wall try a woven wall hanging. A collection of glass vases can be spruced up in under an hour with a little spray paint. Click over to that DIY board you've been pinning away to on Pinterest and pick something! Related: 5 to try: DIY wall hanging, 10 best copper DIY projects.

4. Rearrange the furniture. I have long been a rearranging addict and know the power of moving a bed. If a room feels stale and buying something new isn't an option, try moving things around. Sometimes it doesn't work, but in that case, appreciate how well the room does work! Who knows, you might just find a way to make your room work better for you!

5. Style a surface. A bookcase, coffee table or fireplace mantle could be begging for a little attention! Sometimes we see things for just their function, and ignore their possibility to add personality to the room. Gather some of your favorite bits and bobs from around the house and arrange them to your liking. Don't get too worked up about perfection. It could be as simple as a vase of flowers, a candle and a knick knack that's been gathering dust and setting them on a shiny tray. 

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